Introducing Lyzr’s Enterprise Agent Framework

Adopt GenAI for your enterprise without compromising on data privacy and security

Build and Launch AI Agents locally, in minutes. Your data stays on your cloud.

  • Locally Deployable Agents
  • Launch in Minutes
  • Low Latency Performance
  • 24*7 Enterprise Support

Lyzr Agent Framework abstracts the complexity

Move on from complex architectures involving endless chains and indexes.
Lyzr’s fully-integrated agents streamline AI development for rapid launch.

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Why are SDKs better for data privacy?

Lyzr’s ‘agentic’ SDK approach solves the data privacy and latency concerns
of APIs while addressing the complexities of open-source libraries

Building with APIs

  • No Data Privacy
  • API Induced Latency
  • Untenable Pricing

Building an Open Source

  • Too Many Building Blocks
  • Steep Learning Curve
  • Unreliable Support

Building with Lyzr SDKs

  • Pre-built Customizable Agents
  • Runs on Your Cloud
  • Low Latency Applications
  • 24*7 Enterprise Support
  • Ultra Low-Code Framework
  • Flat Monthly Pricing
  • Build & Launch in Minutes

Get started building with Lyzr in 2 ways

#1 Go live in minutes with Lyzr’s pre-built ‘plug & play’ AI agents

Chat 1


Build ChatGPT type Private Conversational Agents powered by advanced RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) framework and deep session memory.

  • Customer Support
  • Lead Generation
  • Automated Helpdesk
  • Product Recommendation
  • Persona Chatbots
Search 1

Enterprise Search

Build Perplexity style Private Enterprise Search Agents that can cite data sources, point to source files, and recommend follow up queries.

  • Document Search
  • Hybrid Search (Internal Data + Internet Information)
  • Multi-Modal Search (Images, Videos, Text)
  • Search Across Multiple Apps
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RAG Powered Apps

Build context-aware enterprise GenAI applications with Retrieval Augemted Generation (RAG) agents. RAG helps in adding memory to your LLM workflows.

  • Custom Summarizers
  • Document Generators
  • Custom GenAI Applications
Data 1

Data Analysis

Question Answering is still a powerful Generative AI use case that businesses adopt Automate FAQs and Help section with Lyzr QA Agents.

  • FAQ Automation
  • Easy Help Section Usage

#2 Automate complex workflows with Lyzr Automata

Automata 11

Workflow Automation

Automate complex workflows by lining up multiple AI agents, creating a Super-Agent that can perform a task or an entire job role with minimal or no human supervision.

  • SDR Automation
  • Report Generation
  • Project Updates
  • Meeting Summarizer
  • Backoffice Automation

Integrate with leading LLMs and Vector Databases

Anthropic Claude3
Google Gemini
Mistral Large
Meta Llama2
Mixtral 8x7B
Gemma 7B
HuggingFace Transformers
Bert 1B
Voyage AI
MongoDB Atlas

Choose a deployment strategy as per your needs

Lyzr Logo
Lyzr SDKs
Large Language Models
Vector Database
Embedding Models
Lyzr AIMS Platform

Fully Private

LocalDocker Containers
Open-SourceMixtral, Llama2,
Phi 2.7, Mistral
Open-SourceWeaviate, PGVector
Open-SourceBGE, Jina
LocalFully Hosted

Secure Hybrid

Cloud HostedDocker Containers
EnterpriseGPT4, Gemini Ultra, Claude 2, Azure GPT4
Cloud HostedWeaviate, Pinecone
EnterpriseAWS, Azure,
EnterpriseOpenAI, Voyage
Cloud HostedDocker Containers

Buy a SaaS Product

The GenAI SaaS products are great because they provide full functionality, but also introduces 3 major concerns

  • Data Privacy & Security
  • Untenable pricing at scale
  • API Latency at scale
Cohere Logo
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Build using Open-Source

Open-source in the generative AI space is moving fast with some high and great frameworks, however

  • Too many building blocks
  • Steep learning curves
  • No Enterprise Support
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Lyzr makes it easier for Enterprises to adopt AI

Enterprise AI Safety

Lyzr’s Agent SDKs meet ISO 42001 AI safety standards and SOC2 compliance of the respective cloud platforms.

White Glove Onboarding

Get direct help from Lyzr’s AI engineers and solutions team to navigate through your AI deployments.

AI Management System

Monitor all your AI agents in one place with Lyzr’s AIMS platform that runs locally on your cloud.

24*7 Enterprise Support

Any production issues? Get 24*7 phone and email support from Lyzr with a 30-minute updates SLA.

Why Lyzr?

CIOs trust Lyzr Agent Framework to deploy
private and secure AI agents for their enterprise

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