Lyzr Partner Program

Join Lyzr Partner Program, get access to enterprise-grade LLM SDKs and build Generative AI applications for your customers in minutes.

Ideal Partner Profiles: Consulting or implementation services provider in data engineering, cloud migration, database, Generative AI or application development.

Become a Partner

Why become a Lyzr partner?

Build your Generative AI practice

Understand the nuances of Generative AI consulting business and build a robust GenAI practice

Add value to your customers

Unlock valuable GenAI use cases for your customers with Lyzr’s LLM SDKs for Rapid Application Development

Be future proof by differentiating yourself

Offer new and powerful solutions for your customers, leveraging futuristic Generative AI technology

Partner Revenue Potential

There are 6 established revenue channels for Lyzr implementation partners

Partner Revenue Potential

Scenario Analysis

• 1-Year Estimates for a Generative AI Application Development
• 3-member POD in the US @$450/hour per POD

Scenario Analysis
Partners 3

How do we support our partners?

Training & Support

Get a dedicated partner manager and GenAI architect to fast-track capability building & manage customer pitches

Access to Lyzr ProServ

Leverage Lyzr ProServ team if you need an extended hand in implementing GenAI solutions on Lyzr stack

Joint GTM

Curated go-to-market strategies with each partner to educate, convert and grow the customer base