Join Lyzr’s Partner Program &
Build Your Gen AI Practice in Minutes

Join Lyzr’s Partner Program & Build Your Gen AI Practice in Minutes

Lyzr offers Pre-built Agents as SDKS so you can Build POC’s for your clients with one line of code.

Welcome to the Partner’s program

Why become a Partner?

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Most Stable Agent Frameworks

Already deployed with Enterprise clients

Minimum learning curve icon
Minimal Learning Curve

Only Python
knowledge needed

Continuous learning curve icon

Training for leadership,
sales & tech teams

POC support icon
POC & MVP Build Support

Community support & support on email & calls

Dedicated partner program Icon
Dedicated Partner Program

We scale if you scale

Revenue growth icon
20x Revenue multiple

Potential to make ~$60K – $250K per client

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Joined GTM

We help scale
with your customers

Partner Revenue Potential

Partner revenue potential
STAGE Description Average tcv
Data Engineering 8 weeks data preparation $144K
Data Curation 4 weeks data curation $72K
Solution Design 8 weeks to understand business requirements and create solution design $144K
App Development 4 weeks including UI /UX development $72K
LLM Operations 6 months post implementation operations $432K
Reselling Lyzr License Reselling for 20 SDKs and lyzr Enterprises hub $18K
Total project value $ 882000 / app / year

What does Onboarding look like?

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A screening meeting to understand the partnership compatibility

Step 2icon

Signing of partnership agreement and onboarding.

wired outline 115 blackboard clean 1

Training and enablement sessions to partner teams

wired outline 978 project management 1

Account planning with partner and building use cases and POCs for partner’s existing customers

wired outline 950 attract customers 1

Joint customer meetings and
go-to-market programs.

Case Study

goML logo 1

GoML is one of our partners at Lyzr & within 9 months have clocked $1 M in Revenue.They have served close to 20 + clients.

Become our Partner

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The cost of running an open LLM or utilizing a closed LLM should be considered, which can be fine tuned by selecting the right LLM based on the use case. In cases that require storage of data in a vector format, the costs of hosting a vector database should be added as well. Lyzr SDK’s have a flat pricing at $399/month per SDK with no additional usage based charges or throttling. 
  • Time to build POC’s < 2 days
  • Don’t need to have any deep AI/Ml coding knowledge
  • Massive revenue potential with doing lots of POC’s with existing customers.
  • Lyzr is creating lots of agents for every industry & use case.
  • The SDK is deployed within your VPC as a docker container.
  • Everything stays well within your AWS Ecosystem.
  • Over 220+, literally all popular LLM’s that are out there.
  • It doesn’t matter what LLM you choose, Lyzr easily integrates with all.
We are agnostic of any Vector DB. We work with the most common Vector DB’s which are PG Vector, Pinecone, Qdrant, Weaviate and others.
As it’s an SDK, ours integrates with all service providers.

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Launch prototypes in minutes. Go production in hours. No more chains. No more building blocks.