Introducing Lyzr Enterprise Hub

AI Only Data Lake + Secure SDKs Management

Protect your core data lake and data sources from LLM exposure
Manage all LLM SDKs, access controls, usage metrics from one control center

Lyzr Enterprise Hub Screenshot

Why Lyzr Enterprise Hub?

AI-Only Data Lake

Move your LLM-facing files and Vector Databases to Lyzr’s AI-Only Data Lake. Runs on your cloud with choice of your LLM and Embeddings.

Manage SDKs

Assign or revoke SDK secret keys from one place, giving you greater control of your GenAI apps.

GenAI Apps Usage

Track the usage metrics, including traffic, uptime, etc, of all your Generative AI applications that are powered by Lyzr SDKs.

Monitor Security

Real-time reporting on your data access, including IP, Geo information and SOC2 compliance.

Analyze Logs

Get all user queries logged in one place to analyze sensitive queries, query quality, topic modeling and more.

Consolidated Billing

Subscribe to SDKs and Lyzr Enterprise Hub through a single billing dashboard. No more multi-SaaS billing overhead.

Plans & Pricing


$5000/ month
  • Manage 20 SDKs
  • Unlimited Apps
  • Unlimited Queries
  • Unlimited LLM Calls


$10000/ month
  • All Starter Plan Features
  • Manage 50 SDKs
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom Workflows
  • Dedicated Support Manager


$20000/ month
  • All Growth Plan Features
  • Unlimited 20 SDKs
  • Custom SDKs
  • Custom MicroApps
  • Custom AI Data Lake