Lyzr AIMS for Enterprise
(Artificial Intelligence Management System)

Lyzr AIMS for Enterprise (Artificial Intelligence Management System)

Build responsible ‘AI Application’ with Lyzr enterprise
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“The only way enterprise organizations can implement fool-proof AI safety standards is by opting for private SDKs and fine-tuned LLMs”

Why Lyzr AIMS?

We listen to our customers, and build the essentials.
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Powerful SDKs

Lyzr’s SDKs integrates with 100+ LLMs, 20+ Vector DBs, 10+ Embeddings, All Major Cloud Platforms.

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Run SDKs on your cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Connect with open-source LLMs or enterprise LLMs.

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Lyzr SDKs are built on ISO 42001 framework standards. Build Generative AI applications with native AI safety.

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Full Stack SDKs

Lyzr SDKs are full-stack by nature, providing all complete functionality of an application like a chatbot or a RAG bot.

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Secret keys

Lyzr Enterprise SDKs can be activated using secret keys. You can now kill a rogue GenAI application in an instant..

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24*7 Support

Enterprises need round-the-clock support. Lyzr SDKs come with 24-hour upgrade SLA and 24*7 technical support.

Prompt testing
Prompt Testing

As Greg Brockman says, prompt is all you need. Compare prompt performance for various LLMs and prompt techniques.

Prompt hosting
Prompt Hosting

Don’t redeploy your application every time you make changes to a prompt. Host your prompt and get an API endpoint.


Manage and monitor SDKs, LLM requests, queries, logs, events. All in one place and within your cloud. No SaaS.

Lyzr Enterprise SDKs run on the State of the Art(SOTA) Architecture

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January 3, 2024
How to Build a State-of-the-Art (SOTA) RAG Engine?

Lyzr AIMS in Action

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Customer Speak

Brian Chapman


VantagePoint is a venture capital firm laser-focused on AI agent and enabling technology startups.  To differentiate our fund and dive deep into the AI revolution, we set out to build our own AI agents.  In 2024, We’ll launch AI agents that develop bespoke startup growth strategies, evaluate investment targets, answer investor relations questions and more.


Our team of AI experts were ready to build a multi-agent, multi-modal platform, but we needed tools and pre-built infrastructure to accelerate our progress. And we had to make it easy to control our own destiny with interfaces that shift seamlessly between any of the top foundational models or even our own. 

That’s when we found  Their SDKs were just what we needed to bring our AI agents to life efficiently. Their high-performance chatbot SDKs can juggle up to 50 conversations in a session, providing the deep, context-rich interactions we know our founders and LPs require. Their multi-interface SDK tools future-proof our roadmap with deep support for voice-to-voice interactions and more.

Now we can run faster and build better agents with the same investment of resources, thanks to

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Launch prototypes in minutes. Go production in hours. No more chains. No more building blocks.