Build and Launch
Your Enterprise LLM Apps,
Fast & Secure.

Super-abstracted enterprise-grade LLM SDKs for all popular Generative AI use cases.

Lyzr Enterprise Hub to manage all production SDKs, AI data lake, LLM access and more.

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Open up GenAI productivity to your team

Launch feature rich GenAI applications for popular use cases

GenAI applications

The Only Enterprise Focused LLM Building Blocks


Launch Generative AI applications in minutes, not weeks


Insulate company data from LLMs with AI-only Data Lake


Assign API keys, users, access controls, all in one place


Launch only popular GenAI usecases that the team needs


Integrate Lyzr SDKs seamlessly into your custom workflows.


Observe and analyze usage, logs, data flow, and more.

Build & Deploy to
Production in Minutes

• Super-abstracted SDKs
• Micro Frontends
• Multiple Integrations

Build & Deploy

Introducing Lyzr Enterprise Hub with AI-only Data Lake

Manage all your GenAI apps in one place

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What our customers say about Lyzr?



We managed to launch an internal knowledge base for our team in less than a day. And the best part, no data leaves our cloud account.



Lyzr SDKs helped us build a prototype for one of our Generative AI projects in a matter of hours.



As an implementation partner in the Generative AI space, Lyzr SDKs are our go-to choices when it comes to enterprise implementations.