Meet Jazon

World’s First ‘Downloadable’ AI SDR

Jazon is an AI Sales Development Representative that automates your research, reach out & responses so you can focus on closing deals

And Jazon runs locally on your cloud ensuring
100% data privacy and security.

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See Jazon in Action

Jazon is your 1000x AI Sales Development Representative. All Jazon needs is your prospectus, sample emails, FAQs. And now you can execute automated campaigns to thousands of prospects autonomously.
Jazon will line up meetings for you.

How Does Jazon Work?

What Can Jazon Do?

Works With a Human Touch
Research About Prospects
Compose Hyper-personalized Emails
Autonomous Follow-ups
Answer Customer Queries
Book Meetings for AEs

Why Jazon?

Runs locally on your cloud. 100% data privacy and enhanced security.

Comes with inbuilt toxicity controller. Communicates with empathy.

Completely customizable with your own data and prompts.

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Want to deploy Jazon for your organization?
Or build one similar to Jazon for a different workflow?


Jazon is the world’s first AI Sales Development Representative (SDR), built on the Lyzr Automata – a multi-agent workflow automation framework that uses generative AI to automate complex workflows.

Jazon is distinguished by its multi-agent system, where multiple expert agents work together to solve complex problems. It is built on the Lyzr Automata, which supports advanced features like Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning Human Feedback.

Jazon operates by using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to access and utilize the right data based on prompts and supplied information. Users can customize Jazon to their preferences by configuring the system prompts and training data.

Yes, Jazon is fully private and secure. It operates locally on your cloud, ensuring that no data or customer information leaves your environment.

To start using Jazon, configure it to your liking with the appropriate prompts and data. Then, you can download the entire agent as a Docker file to run locally on your cloud.

Jazon offers advanced features such as Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning Human Feedback to continuously improve performance over time. It also comes equipped with Lyzr AIMS (AI Management System) for monitoring activities, responses, performance, and managing toxicity in communications.

Jazon’s AI Management System (Lyzr AIMS) monitors for toxic responses. If detected, these responses are flagged, and appropriate rules are added to the system’s guardrails to prevent future occurrences.

Absolutely. Jazon can handle thousands to tens of thousands of email messages seamlessly within minutes, streamlining your communication efforts efficiently.

After configuring Jazon and downloading it as a Docker file, you can easily deploy it on your local cloud to start automating your workflow and email communications.


Open Source

$0/ month
  • Get Lyzr Automata code
  • Runs on your cloud
  • Customizable


$1999/ month
  • Built in toxicity controller
  • Built in agent memory & RLHF
  • Download as docker image
  • Can auto-scale to handle load
  • White-glove onboarding
  • Customization support
  • 24*7 enterprise support
  • Unlimited architecture upgrades
  • Access to Lyzr AIOps portal

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