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Kathy is the AI Competitor Analyst every business needs to stay ahead in the game.
It researches your competitors so you can make informed decisions and outpace your competitors.
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Current Competitor Analysis Challenges

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Kathy AI

Kathy Works Autonomously

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How Kathy Works

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Kathy Monitors Competitors For You

Who Is Kathy For?

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You Probably Have Some Questions

Kathy tracks a variety of information including news articles, press releases, blog posts, announcements, LinkedIn updates, Twitter updates, and more. This comprehensive approach ensures you receive a well-rounded view of your competitors’ activities across different functions.

Kathy uses advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to review and verify the information it collects. Additionally, it can autonomously correct inaccuracies and refine its data collection methods based on your feedback and its self learning capabilities.

Yes, you have full control over Kathy’s prompts and instructions. You can customize how Kathy conducts its research and continuously tweak it to meet your specific needs. The reports can also be tailored to highlight the most relevant information for your business.

Kathy seamlessly interacts with other Lyzr agents, such as Skott, the AI marketing agent, and Jazon, the AI SDR. This integration allows Kathy to provide recommendations based on its analysis with additional insights; and for other agents to utilize Kathy’s research data to produce relevant content and strategies.

Absolutely! Kathy runs locally on your cloud server, ensuring that all your research data stays with you. This setup provides a higher level of security compared to traditional SaaS services, giving you complete control over your data.

Kathy AI uses tools like Perplexity, Google News and other API integrations to scrape publicly available information from websites. Since the data is extensive and wide-spread, Kathy AI autonomously conducts in-depth research and collates all the information as per the specific, preferred parameters you input.

Yes, Kathy can monitor updates about your key customers and any other companies you wish to keep an eye on. This feature is particularly useful for businesses operating in the B2B space, providing valuable insights to support marketing, customer relationship management and business analysis.

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