Why are SDKs the future of software consumption models?

Unlimited Users. Unlimited API Calls.
Unlimited Logs. Unlimited Data.

Lyzr SDKs are 2,160 times cheaper to run

Free License

(Best for building prototypes, MVPs, Concepts)
  • Lyzr Open-Source Agent SDKs work with OpenAI GPT models and standard integrations. Comes with community support.

Business License

(Best suited for Startups, SMBs and Small Teams)
$250/ month/SDK
  • Secret key enabled. Works with all major LLMs, VectorDBs, Embeddings. Powered by Lyzr’s SOTA RAG architecture. Comes with 9-5 support.

Enterprise License

(Best for Mid-Market & Large Enterprises)
$1000/ month/SDK
  • AI Management System to manage Monitoring, SDK analytics, Users, Production Prompts, AutoRAG features and more.

What Customers Say?