Why are SDKs the future of software consumption models?

Unlimited Users, API Calls, Logs & Data

Lyzr SDKs are 2,160 times cheaper to run

Free License

  • MIT License
  • Best for Prototypes,MVPs
  • Community Support

AI Agents

$399/ agent/month
  • Fully Integrated SDKs
  • Locally Deployable
  • SDK Secret Key Enabled
  • Agent Analytics & Logs
  • Access to Lyzr AIMS Portal
  • 24*7 Enterprise Support

Workflow Automation

$1999/ workflow/month
  • 5 Agents per Workflow
  • Advanced Workflow Analytics
  • Locally Deployable
  • SDK Secret Key Enabled
  • Access to Lyzr AIMS Portal
  • 24*7 Enterprise Support

What customers say?

Ranga Raj

At Taascom, we leveraged Lyzr’s Data Analysis SDKs to do a PoC on real data and we were pleasantly surprised at its capabilities to interpret the data and provide us the insights we wanted.

Niko Drakoulis

Thanks to Lyzr SDKs, we’re empowered to operate at the forefront of innovation and remain at the cutting edge. Additionally, our collaboration has been enriched by their Enterprise Support.

Brian Chapman

At VantagePoint, Lyzr SDKs were just what we needed to bring our AI agents to life efficiently. Their multi-interface SDK tools future-proof our roadmap with deep support for voice-to-voice interactions and more.

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