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increase in inbound
leads within 6 months

240 Hours

saved in content
creation per month


reduction in cost of
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Skott Is Not A Run-Of-The-Mill SaaS Product
Skott is an enterprise-grade automation designed on the Lyzr Agent Framework. As a user, you have complete control
over the prompts, LLMs, analytics, and, most importantly, your data.

Learns & improves

Long term memory retains preferences & guidelines

Conducts thorough

Learns & improves continuously

Conducts thorough

Long term memory retains preferences & guidelines

Toxicity controller filters unsuitable language

Generates human-like content

Accepts feedback
& terates

Generates human-like

Toxicity controller filters unsuitable language

Accepts feedback &

Skott Assures 100% Data Privacy

Runs locally on your

Supervised learning
for 2 weeks


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Skott operates by using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) to access and utilize the right data based on prompts and supplied information. Users can customize Skott to their preferences by configuring the system prompts and training data.
  • Skott is distinguished by its multi-agent system, where multiple expert agents work together to solve complex problems. It is built on the Lyzr Automata, which supports advanced features like Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning Human Feedback.
  • It’s also one of the only multi agents out there which takes your existing content and repurposes it for multiple platforms. 
Skott is 100% private and can be deployed on your cloud or deployed locally. It’s deployed as an SDK so data is super secure & stays within your environment.
  • To get a sense of how it works, place your email in the text field above the fold interface & it will send you a blog post via email. To get a solid sense of what you can customize, sign up for the demo & chat with our team.
  • Also, to start using Skott, configure it to your liking with the appropriate prompts and data. Then, you can download the entire agent as a Docker file to run locally on your cloud. 
  • Skott offers advanced features such as Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning Human Feedback to continuously improve performance over time. It also comes equipped with Lyzr AIMS (AI Management System) for monitoring activities, responses, performance, and managing toxicity in communications.
After configuring Skott and downloading it as a Docker file, you can easily deploy it on your local cloud to start automating your workflow and email communications.
You can integrate with any of your blogging platforms (WordPress, Medium etc) and even publish posts on Linkedin, Twitter & other social platforms.
Upcoming Agent Launches

Skott - AI Digital Marketer (Live)

AI Business Analyst (Coming Soon)

AI Customer Service (Coming Soon)

AI Data Analyst (Coming Soon)

 (Coming Soon)

AI Financial Analyst
 (Coming Soon)

AI Strategic Advisor
 (Coming Soon)

AI Software Engineer (Coming Soon)

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