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Jazon – A Secret Weapon For Marketing Agencies in 2024 

Jazon - A Secret Weapon For Marketing Agencies
June 25, 2024

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In a fast-paced and competitive marketing landscape, marketing agencies face a constant struggle to generate high-quality leads for their clients. Securing new clients comes with its own set of hurdles. That’s where AI-powered Sales Development Representatives (AI SDRs) come in to provide a game-changing solution

Hurdles Faced By Marketing Agencies 

  • A study reveals that 73% of marketing agencies struggle to identify the right leads and manually sifting through endless data is time-consuming. 
  • Marketing agencies juggle multiple projects that come with a strict deadline. The American Marketing Association states that 62% of markets struggle with time management leaving less time for strategic reach and organic growth.
  • Today, clients crave a personalized communication process. But, crafting personalized emails, and custom messages for every prospect is overwhelming for marketing agencies. 
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 Here’s a graph depicting technological advancements after the AI revolution took place. (Source)

Here’s How AI SDRs Empower Marketing Agencies

AI SDRs analyze vast amounts of data to identify the ideal customer profile (ICP) for every client to ensure marketing efforts are directed toward qualified leads with higher conversion potential. Companies using AI for lead generation observed a 73% increase in qualified leads. 

  • Crafting personalized outreach messages and emails based on prospect’s demographics, online behavior, interests, and preferences becomes a cakewalk for marketing agencies with the help of AI SDRs. It boosts engagement as compared to generic cold emails and calls. Gartner states that personalized marketing delivers an average 5-8% increase in sales. 
  • Automates lead nurturing sequences ensuring consistent communication with potential clients to keep your marketing agency’s clients top-of-mind and position them as trusted advisors. Marketo’s Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing states that nurtured leads produce 50% more sales-ready leads than non-nurtured leads. 
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Depicting Lyzr’s AI AgentMesh technology for collective intelligence through a flowchart. (Source)
  • Streamlined workflows with AI-powered automation which automates repetitive tasks like qualification calls, data entry, email scheduling, crafting personalized emails, and more. AI can automate 45% of all sales tasks to free up human SDRs from unnecessary marketing activities and focus on building relationships and closing deals. 

For example, a marketing agency specializing in e-commerce solutions that uses AI SDRs can:

  • Target and identify online stores with specific parameters with a history of running paid advertising campaigns.
  • Personalize by crafting outreach emails that highlight the agency’s expertise in optimizing e-commerce ad campaigns, thus increasing ROI. 
  • Nurture by sending automated email sequences showcasing relevant blog posts, case studies, research papers, and more related to e-commerce best practices.

In short, by leveraging AI SDRs, marketing agencies create an efficient and effective lead-generation funnel. 

Introducing Jazon – The Future of AI SDRs in Marketing Agencies

World’s most capable and foremost downloadable AI Sales Development representative, built on Lyzr Automata, Jazon is a multi-agent workflow automation framework that stands out because of its multi-agent system. Yes, it has multiple expert agents working together to solve the intricacy faced in marketing and sales challenges. 

  • It uses generative AI to automate research, reach-out, and response, leaving your marketing agencies to focus on valuable leads without wasting time, energy, and effort. 
  • Surprisingly, Jazon sends 10,000 emails within minutes. It comes with sample emails, prompts, customized designs, FAQs, a user manual, and a prospectus. With Jazon, creating personalized content for every recipient and accurately responding to every user within seconds is possible. 
  • Its Human-in-Loop feature allows marketing teams to adjust the content created. Plus, it also has learning abilities because of its Reinforced Learning Human Feedback feature. So when you give it feedback, Jazon takes it constructively, retains it, and improves. Sounds interesting, right?
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Introducing Jazon, the world’s first downloadable AI SDR with 100% data privacy and security. (Source)
  • Deploying Jazon is a cakewalk. Once configured, download it as a docker file and deploy it on your preferred cloud infrastructure. Since it runs within your environment, Jazon is 100% secure and automates your email communication, sales, and marketing workflows with ease.
  • All activities can be managed from Lyzr’s AI Studio which is a multi-agent management platform used for tracking performance and flagging toxic responses. It allows users to add guidelines to prevent such responses in the future.
  • In short, Jazon is the AI SDR that automates research, reach-out & responses to help you focus on building relationships and closing deals. Now, you can communicate with empathy with its inbuilt toxicity controllers. Plus, it runs locally on your cloud supporting 100% data privacy and enhanced security. The best part is that marketing agencies have the liberty to customize it as per their data and prompts.

Why Must Marketing Agencies Choose Jazon To Pitch Clients?

Personalized Outreach To Pitch Clients

We all know that personalized emails boost click-through rates by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. Jazon is an empathetic AI productivity agent that works by incorporating a human touch that hyper-personalizes every single email by learning about the recipient. It can send 1000s of emails to reach out to uncountable people like CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, managers, etc across varied sectors like healthcare, finance, IT, and manufacturing.

Instant Follow Up By Promptly Answering Customer Queries Accurately

Personalization gets higher responses and in that case, you can trust Jazon to respond to your customer’s queries within seconds. No matter what time of the day it is, Jazon responds accurately and also raises a flag for toxic responses. All you need to do is place guidelines through the management port for the same.

Goes A Step Ahead To Close The Deal By Booking Meetings For AEs

Jazon closes the deal for you and books a meeting for your Account Executives (AEs) automatically. With this AI-powered tool by your side, everything is automated, even the account executive will have a meeting booked on their behalf with a top-notch responsive lead. 

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Highlighting Jazon’s features and how it helps marketing agencies with ease. (Source)

An Excellent Learner 

Jazon learns everything about your marketing agency. From the product features, services, and whitepapers to prospectus and FAQs, whatever you share. It also scrutinizes the internet to find relevant information about the recipient and leads. With its targeted thorough research, Jazon makes hyper-personalization easy.

The Future of Work

The marketing and sales automation revolution starts with Jazon. It represents a quantum leap forward in sales and marketing. An autonomous AI agent that is tireless, capable of doing extensive research, ultra-efficient SDR, crafts hyper-personalized emails, engages in human conversations, and more. It delivers productivity equating to 10 human sales personnel at just 0.6% of the cost. With its customized outreach approach, Jazon is all set to maximize customer retention. 

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