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From Blogs To Social Media: Here’s How Skott for Small Marketing Teams Handles it All!

June 22, 2024

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The Struggle of Small Marketing Teams 

If you’re a small business owner, you’re already facing challenges because of a small marketing team while juggling responsibilities from customer service, and tracking orders to website maintenance, content marketing, or social media presence. 

When it comes to marketing, sparing dedicated time for content creation, SEO optimization, and social media management might feel like a luxury you simply can’t afford. You often end up needing at least three to four people to complete marketing tasks. 

Furthermore, the consequences of neglecting your online presence are real. Most brands, big or small, know that they need to actively engage online, but it’s often lack of bandwidth or resources that prevents them from doing so. And without consistent, top-notch content and social media interaction, your small business is at high risk of fading from the market. 

That’s Where AI Tools Enter the Picture!

Artificial Intelligence is the secret weapon for small businesses in this digital age. Small businesses in particular face competitive challenges while maximizing their limited resources. That’s how AI marketing tools step into the scenario to help small marketing tools with their power-packed tools. 

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Sharing a view on how marketers are experimenting with AI in different ways. (Source)

A study reports that SMBs consider social media (52%), generative content creation (44%), and email marketing (41%) as the easiest places to start leveraging AI technology. That being said, it’s clear that content marketing is the pillar of digital marketing success. But, for small marketing teams, it’s an uphill battle. 

Here’s why:

  1. The Time Constraints: According to a HubSpot report, 42% of marketers cite lack of time as their biggest content marketing challenge. With small teams and limited resources, SMBs have difficulty finding time for consistent content creation. 
  1. The Quality Issues: CMI reveals that 45% of businesses struggle to create high-quality content consistently which leads to lost collaboration opportunities and disengaged audiences. 
  1. The Stress of Idea Generation: Coming up with new fresh content ideas is a constant struggle for the small marketing teams. A report states that 35% of marketers admit that they find it difficult to come up with new and engaging ideas regularly for their target audience. 
  1. The Data Disconnect: CoSchedule study found that 40% of businesses lack a documented content marketing strategy. The disconnect between data and planning leads to hindrances in the ability to measure success and make improvements. 

Introducing SKOTT

…Your Autonomous AI Content Marketer!

An enterprise-grade automation powered by Lyzr’s Automata framework, Skott is a fully autonomous AI agent that helps in SEO research, content creation, scheduling and posting social media content, website content creation, and more.

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Skott is the world’s first AI Digital Marketer

Skott is one of the most capable AI content marketers because of its ability to break down the content creation process into different stages and then assign each stage to a specialized agent. Thus, with Skott, it’s not only about automating tasks but becoming a core member of your team.

Powered by Perplexity, Google’s News, DuckDuckGo, and Lyzr’s web-crawler technology that helps generate high-quality and catchy content efficiently, Skott can create unlimited blogs and social media posts. It can also generate AI images and videos, integrate with top LLMs, and provide detailed analytics.

Additionally, it operates by using RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) to access and utilize the right data based on your prompts and information provided. You can customize Skott as per your liking by training data and configuring the system prompts.

Want to begin using Skott? Configure it as per your preferences with the appropriate data prompts. Now you can download the entire agent as a Docker file that safely runs locally on your cloud. 

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Highlighting a few features of Skott to help you understand it better. 

Skott For Small Marketing Teams

Your small business team is working hard. You and your team stretch every minute, budget, and effort to make the most out of it. Dealing with data, time, quality, and content constraints at your own risk is hard. 

Due to this, 29% of the e-commerce teams have adopted AI with an average time savings of 6.4 hours per week, while 48% are currently experimenting with AI integration and 20% are evaluating how best it can serve their needs. 

Now, you don’t need a human content marketer for all your content generation, social media, marketing campaigns, and other tasks. For that, Skott is worth the investment. But these are just a few reasons. Explore others here:

Skott Loves Creating Content 

HubSpot reports that an average blog post length is over 1400 words and it requires more effort and time to produce engaging, informative, and meaningful content. Creating content that drives engagement and traffic is a challenge for small marketing teams. To alleviate these challenges, tools like Skott are helpful. 

Surprisingly, Skott can produce up to 72 well-researched blogs and around 6,500 social media posts daily which equates to the output of 9 full-time content creators, 10 social media marketers, and x designers. For small marketing teams with little resources, time, and no bandwidth for effort, it can save $500,000 per year.

Data Security is a Priority

A U.S. Small Business Administration survey highlights that the majority of small marketing teams feel vulnerable to cyberattacks and struggle with limited knowledge and resources to protect their data. 

So, to help you overcome your fear, Lyzr.AI introduces Skott which is 100% private and can be deployed locally as SDK data so that the data is super secure and stays within your environment. 

Boosts SEO Performance

Early users of Skott have seen a 43% increase in SEO performance in 90 days. An enterprise-grade automation designed on Lyzr Agent Framework, it gives the user complete control of LLMs, prompts, analytics, and data. You can learn, improvise, and conduct thorough research with Skott. 

The best part is you can integrate Skott into any of your blogging platforms like Medium, and WordPress, and even publish posts on Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 

Screenshot 2024 06 22 171721
Here’s how Skott assures 100% data privacy and security.

Filters AI Content With Its Human-Like Content Feature

Unlike other AI agents, Skott is a multi-agent system where multiple expert agents work together on intricate issues. Built on Lyzr Automata, it supports modern and advanced features like Reinforced Learning Human Feedback and Human-in-Loop. 

It has a HumanLike API that refines the content output to become more human-like and relatable. Also, the toxicity controller filters unsuitable language from the content.

Long-Term Memory and a Better Scope of Improvement

It also has a long-term memory that retains guidelines and preferences while accepting feedback and iterates. Its AgentMesh technology allows different AI agents to share information and learn from each other to enhance their decision-making capacity via collective intelligence. 

Skott stands out because of the multi-agents feature which takes your existing content and repurposes it for different social media platforms. Moreover, it is equipped with advanced features like Lyzr AIMS (AI Management System) for monitoring responses, activities, performance, and managing toxicity in communications. 

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Check out how Skott outperforms other AI-powered content marketing tools. 

Your Social Media Expert 

It runs autonomously for 365 days/year without any minimal human intervention, after you’ve set the parameters to operate consistently for maintaining brand presence and engagement. Even for large ad campaigns, you don’t need any add-on human resources as it provides high-customization options to align with the brand tone, voice, and strategies. 

Your AI Digital Marketer extensively researches new topics, writes SEO-optimized blogs, repurposes blogs, creates 5 social media posts/channels, and publishes blogs and social posts across 20 channels!

Pay One-Time Only 

Skott’s transformational capability coupled with Lyzr’s commitment to data privacy, positions Skott as a revolutionary tool for small marketing teams. 

The best part is that it comes with supervised learning for two weeks, is 100% customizable and you only have to pay ONCE! Yes, it’s a flat transparent pricing structure with no throttling. 

Here’s How It Competes With Jasper, Our AI Sales Agent

Content quality Superior quality that’s rich in creativity and originality Repetitive content generation leads to decrease in quality 
Learning ability Self-reflection capabilities that can self-correct outputLearns from basic user feedback
CustomizationExtensive customization available based on user data Basic templates with limited personalization 
Human-like interactionHuman-like API that filters AI content and removes unsuitable language from the contentOnly chatbots for human-like interactions
MemoryLong term memoryLimited 
PricingFlat pricing for unlimited users Different prices for different plans
DeploymentDownloadable as a docker file easily deployable on preferred cloud infrastructureCloud-based
Security 100% data security and privacy as the data stays in your environmentStandard data privacy

So, are you ready to increase your brand’s digital presence and generate more leads with Skott? 

To get started with Skott, sign up for the demo and chat with our team. 
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