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Anybody Should be
Able to AI
We are on a mission to democratize AI.
Come, join our community and learn how to build AI products even without prior coding experience.
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The Future is a One Person Billion Dollar Company
Powered by AI

The future of business will be revolutionized by an AI workforce, working seamlessly alongside humans – bringing together the best of automation, human creativity and machine intelligence.

Our AnybodyCanAI community is empowering individuals to navigate and thrive as AI Citizen Developers & AI Builders. 

Join us and learn how you can shape the future of business and technology with your own AI products.

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Learning AI
Problems People Face With Learning AI
Steep learning curve with AI
Content tailored for tool-usage, not building with AI
Limited access to peer-network
Excessive noise around AI, without impactful resources

Why Join the Anybody can AI Community?

Unlocking AI Skills for Everyone
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Learn to Code and Build AI Products, in 60 minutes
Close the Gap: Accessing AI for Non-Developers
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Who is this for?

For curious minds Eager to Build with AI
Start your journey
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Gain a strong foundation in AI and develop the skills needed to build your own AI apps.
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Enhance your programming skills and learn how to integrate AI into your applications.
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Discover the power of AI and how to leverage it to drive innovation and growth.
Community hightlights

Find upcoming events from the community on all things about Gen-AI

What are AI Agents?

April 10. 2024

How to build Gen AI Apps?

May 15. 2024

The Enterprise AI Stack

June 19. 2024

AI Is Among the Top 10 Inventions of All Time
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Throughout history, groundbreaking inventions have revolutionized the world - AI is next.

And we’re on a mission to make AI accessible to everyone, including non-developers. Join us!
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