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The Educational GenAI Suite by Lyzr

The GenAI Suite by Lyzr ( for edtech)
desc: Adopt Lyzr AI agents to revolutionize your educational ecosystem, enhancing student learning and automating institute processes.

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Ed tech

4 demo apps that showcase GenAI
capabilities for the education sector

Apps for Students

University Finder

University Finder

Takes your GRE/GMAT scores, budget,
and career ambitions into account to suggest universities that align with your goals.

studentplanner screenshot

Study Schedule Planner

Given your course curriculum, your availability and your study hours, it will generate your study timetable, ensuring you never miss a deadline

Apps for University Administration

Student Advisor

Harvard Support

Acts as your virtual help desk, answering queries about courses, events, and on-campus resources.

assessmentgenerator screenshot

Assessment Generator

Upload a PDF, and this app will
generate subtopics, questions,
and answers for you.

Lyzr AI – The secure way to build GenAI apps

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Data Privacy

Lyzr’s private agents ensure that data remains on your cloud

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Customizable APIs

Lyzr’s agent APIs allow you to customize upto 630 parameters

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Fully Integrated Agents

Run fully functional agents and go live in minutes

24 7 Enterprise support
24*7 Enterprise Support

Run GenAI with the comfort of AI experts available on-call 24*7

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AI Control Center

Manage all your agents, queries, logs in one place

Full stack sdk icon
Flat Monthly Pricing

Pay a flat monthly sum for the Lyzr Agent SDKs, no throttling

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