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The GenAI Suite by Lyzr

Adopt generative AI to revolutionize your insurance, from enhancing customer experience to automating internal processes.

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Three demo apps to showcase GenAI capabilities

Investment Portfolio Agent App

Investment Portfolio Agent

The Investment Portfolio Assistant helps insurance agents create tailored portfolios by analyzing policyholder details and regulatory requirements, enhancing portfolio management and client service.
Policy Information Chatbot

Policy Information Chatbot

This app provides instant, accurate answers to health insurance queries, clarifying policy details, coverage options, and claims procedures to help you make informed decisions.
Insurance Underwriting

Insurance Underwriting Expert

Enter applicant details and health history; the app uses advanced algorithms to generate a personalized underwriting document, streamlining processes with intelligent automation.

Lyzr AI – The secure way to build GenAI apps

Data Privacy

Lyzr’s private agents ensure that data remains on your cloud

Customizable APIs

Lyzr’s agent APIs allow you to customize upto 630 parameters

Fully Integrated Agents

Run fully functional agents and go live in minutes

24*7 Enterprise Support

Run GenAI with the comfort of AI experts available on-call 247

AI Control Center

Manage all your agents, queries, logs in one place

Flat Monthly Pricing

Pay a flat monthly sum for the Lyzr Agent SDKs, no throttling

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