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The GenAI Suite by Lyzr

Adopt Lyzr AI agents to increase save costs, and automate workflows for your manufacturing plants & supply chain processes.

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Three demo apps to showcase GenAI capabilities

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Product Manual Look Up For Maintenance

An agent that helps the maintenance team instantly search information across thousands of product manuals.
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Product Recommendation Agent For End Users

An agent your customers can chat with to share requirements and get the right product recommendations instantly.
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Worker Safety Recommendation Agent

Share an image of your manufacturing workspace, and our agent will analyze and recommend safety measures for you.

Lyzr AI – The secure way to build GenAI apps

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Data Privacy

Lyzr’s private agents ensure that data remains on your cloud

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Customizable APIs

Lyzr’s agent APIs allow you to customize upto 630 parameters

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Fully Integrated Agents

Run fully functional agents and go live in minutes

24 7 Enterprise support
24*7 Enterprise Support

Run GenAI with the comfort of AI experts available on-call 24*7

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AI Control Center

Manage all your agents, queries, logs in one place

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Flat Monthly Pricing

Pay a flat monthly sum for the Lyzr Agent SDKs, no throttling

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