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Supercharging IT Sales with AI: How Jazon Automates Sales Outreach and Transforms the Conversion Pipeline?

Supercharging IT Sales with AI
June 18, 2024

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The IT Sales Conundrum

If you’re in the IT business, you would know how difficult it is to sell complex services or products to your target audience. That’s because there’s a lot of competition, and your audience isn’t always defined. One day, you could be selling your product to an investor on Shark Tank, and the next, you may be pitching your idea to customers via social media, so they actually use your service or product.  

That’s where your SDRs come into the picture.

Traditionally called ‘Cold Callers’, sales development reps (or SDRs) have always been an indispensable part of any IT organization – even if people outside of the company don’t like them very much! That’s because they are the ones that initiate the first contact with a prospective investor or customer, and bring in additional business. 

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Emails are 40 times more effective than cold calling or social media outreach

In today’s tech world – cold calling has been replaced by ‘cold emailing’, and regardless of what anyone has to say about it: email is still 40 times more effective as a sales medium than social media channels or cold calling. However, an average salesperson only sends approximately 36.2 emails per day, and these emails aren’t always effective: 

Emails are often bland and non-personalised

IT buyers, especially in the enterprise category, expect personalization. They want to be approached with an in-depth understanding of who they are, what they stand for, and how your IT business can sell solutions that address their unique needs. 

However, writing customized emails at scale is impossible, so sales executives often turn to generic templates that don’t really work. Add to it the fact that cross-industry only 35.63% emails ever get opened, and over 46.8% of all emails are instantly marked spam. 

Response is slow or non-existent

As per a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, companies that responded to leads within a month, had an average response time of 42 hours. Out of this, 23% of companies never responded to their lead at all. Those are grim numbers, especially if you consider the fact that lead qualification drops about 10 times if you don’t respond within 5 minutes of receiving a reply. 

Inconsistencies and lack of scalability

As someone in the IT industry, you would be aware of the errors that can occur in manual processes. Sales development isn’t any different. You can expect errors, lack of accountability, slow responses, inconsistent results, and disruptive processes. The worst part, an average sales person only tries two times to reach a prospect, and approximately 80% of prospects say ‘no’ four times before they say ‘yes’. 

Introducing JAZON

…an AI SDR that never slows down!

Built on a multi-agent workflow automation framework, called Lyzr Automata, Jazon is the world’s first downloadable sales development representative that uses generativeAI to automate research, reach-out, and response. This leaves your IT sales team to actually focus on converting high-quality leads without wasting any more time!

Armed with your sample emails, prompts, customized designs, prospectus, and FAQs, Jazon can send tens of thousands of mails within minutes. It creates personalized content for each and every recipient and can respond with accurate information within seconds of receiving a reply. 

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Jazon learns on the job and sends hyper-personalized emails

Additionally, Jazon comes with a Human-in-Loop feature which allows your sales reps to see the response it has created and even adjust it as required. The Reinforced Learning Human Feedback feature in addition to the loop, lets Jazon learn on the job. So whatever feedback you give to it, it retains it and uses it in the future. 

Deploying this AI role-agent is quite simple. Once it’s configured, you can download it as a docker file and deploy it on your preferred cloud infrastructure. After that, it’s all about automating your email communications and sales workflows. Since Jazon runs locally on your cloud, it ensures 100% data privacy and security so you never lose your customer data to anyone. 

You can manage all of Jazon’s activities from Lyzr’s AI Studio, a multi-agent management platform that tracks performance and flags any responses that may be toxic. It even allows users to add specific guidelines to prevent any such responses in the future. 

Jazon as an IT SDR

A sales development representative in the IT industry is tasked with reaching out to prospective investors and customers. Thanks to globalization, there’s no end to the number of people you can reach out to! Considering that the number of email users is expected to reach 4.6 Billion by 2025, not connecting with them can cost your business a lot of business. 

Now, a human sales rep can go to meetings to onboard prospective businesses, enterprise clients, collaborators, and customers – reaching out to millions in a month isn’t quite possible. For that alone, Jazon is likely worth the monthly investment. But that’s just one reason alone, here are several others: 

Jazon creates and sends thousands of emails within minutes

If you think your sales team is doing great, think again! If 36 emails a day by one person are getting you high-quality leads, imagine what thousands of emails can do for you. For instance, an IT company specializing in security software can leverage Jazon to reach out to hundreds of IT managers, CIOs, and CTOs across sectors like finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

It hyper-personalizes every single mail by learning about the recipient

When you leverage Jazon, you’re not signing up for one-size-fit-all email templates – instead, it’s a level up from traditional sales. The AI SDR not only learns everything about your IT business via data that you share in the form of product features, whitepapers, prospectus, and FAQs, it also scours the internet to find relevant information about the recipient. This means personalized email responses every single time and within seconds. 

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Jazon will redifine what SDRs are all about

To put things into perspective, note that personalized emails improve click-throughs by 14% and conversion rates by 10%. Jazon works with a human touch, which means that your customers never know that it’s an empathetic AI productivity agent that they’re connecting with, not a human sales development representative. 

It follows up autonomously and answers customer queries accurately

Since every single study states that personalization gets higher responses, you can trust Jazon to respond to your customers within seconds. That means any time your customer or investor follows up with you, whether it’s day or night, Jazon will respond, and it will respond accurately. In fact, it will even stop any toxic response that it flags, so you can place guidelines through the management portal. 

It transforms the entire conversion pipeline and even books meetings for AEs 

Furthermore, Jazon can go a step ahead by closing the deal and booking a meeting for your Account Executives (AEs). Since everything is automated, your account executives will directly have a meeting booked on their behalf with a high-quality, responsive lead. 

The only actual work that your human sales development representative needs to do is procure millions of leads from online portals, customize prompts, provide it with all the data points, and monitor its performance. All the slowdowns of manual responding and email creation and follow-ups get automated.   

So don’t ditch your sales team, but inspire them to work smarter and faster with the world’s first downloadable and 100% private and secure SDR – JAZON. 

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