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What do we mean by fully integrated?

Packing all complexities of a SOTA architecture in one SDK

Lyzr’s Private SDKs addresses AI Safety Concerns

Choose the deployment mode and LLMs that suits your needs

Popular AI Agents Supported by Lyzr SDKs

Chatbots & Private GPTs

Build ChatGPT type conversational chatbots powered by advanced RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) framework and deep session memory.

Usecases: Chat with Website, PDF, Application, Database, Documents, Videos

Did You Know: There are at least 27 parameters, considerations and techniques involved to build a state-of-the-art chatbot architecture. (read blog)

Compare With: GPT by ChatGPT, Chatbase, Chaindesk, Cohere

Automated Helpdesk Support

Move to the new era of automated helpdesk support agents for every function, augmented by fine-tuned LLMs and advanced RAG.

Usecases: Customer Support Automation, Sales Support, Vendor Support Agent, IT Helpdesk, HR Helpdesk

Did you know: Using fine-tuned LLMs for ticket resolution coupled with RLHF improves the automated helpdesk efficiency. (read blog)

Compare With: Intercom, Talkdesk

Data Analysis

Replace your boring data analysis dashboards with customer friendly NLQ enabled GenAI data analysis experience.

Usecases: Data Analysis for SaaS, KPI Analysis for Business Leaders, Copilot for Data Analysts

Did you know: LLMs can do regression, correlation and clusting better than projections as the former models require just one-shot data analysis.

Compare With: PowerBI Copilot, Julius, DataGPT

Knowledge Base & RAG

Unlock value from your organization’s data with a multi-modal knowledge base that can search & retrieve data from text, database, apps, images, videos and more.

Usecases: Organization Knowledge Bot, Knowledge Bot for Functional Teams, Search Bot for Help Documents, Search Bot for Enterprise Apps (Slack, Gmail, etc)

Compare With: Algolia, Mendable, LlamaIndex, Cohere

Full-Stack Generative AI Features For Your Enterprise

The Lyzr Enterprise Advantage

Powerful SDKs

Lyzr’s SDKs replicate the full range of a mature SaaS product. Designed for low-code, the high-level, and super-abstracted architecture of Lyzr SDKs facilitate seamless integration into existing apps or to build feature-rich applications from ground up.

24*7 Support

Round-the-clock technical support to address any integration or performance issues with Lyzr SDKs. We bring a decade of experience serving enterprise companies.

Professional Services

Need assistance in implementing or integrating Lyzr SDKs? Our professional services team offers end-to-end support, from consulting to proof of concepts to evaluation, for a swift, seamless deployment.

Security & Privacy

Lyzr SDKs are encrypted, secret key enabled, docker containers that run on your own infrastructure, either on your cloud or on-premise. Data remains within your environment for enhanced security.

Tech Partnerships

Partnerships with top AI platforms including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Weaviate, OpenAI, Anthropic, Pinecone, Langchain and more. Lyzr SDKs come with 24 hour SLA for propagating key platform upgrades.

Usecase Focused

Lyzr SDKs designed to support entire use cases, not just individual components, offering fully functional SDKs that often surpass equivalent SaaS applications in capability.

Monitor GenAI Apps

Monitor all GenAI apps in one place, including SDK usage, LLM API calls, LLM costs, query logs, event logs, errors, and more.

Flat Pricing

Straightforward, flat-rate, no throttling, pricing model for the SDKs. Price is based on the Lyzr SDK complexity, with no additional fees for API calls or number of users.

Partner Network

Access to a growing network of consulting and implementation partners for additional services like data engineering, application development, and managed services.

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