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The Top 15 AI Tools for Social Media

July 4, 2024

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Did you know that AI influences nearly 15% of your Facebook feed with content from accounts you don’t follow? These AI-driven recommendations have boosted overall user engagement by 7%. Social media marketing is both exciting and challenging. Crafting engaging content, staying updated with trends, and juggling multiple platforms can be daunting. 

This is where AI comes in. Valued at $0.99 billion in 2021, the AI in Social Media Market is projected to soar to $9.59 billion by 2030. As AI reshapes the social media landscape, harnessing its capabilities is essential to stay competitive. Let’s check out how AI tools for social media can give you a powerful edge.

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The AI market within social media is projected to grow to $3,714.89 million by 2026, with an anticipated CAGR of 28.77%. (Source)

Benefits of AI in Social Media Marketing

AI brings numerous advantages to social media marketing, helping marketers achieve better results for their clients. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Efficiency and Precision

AI tools for social media can greatly improve the efficiency and precision of content delivery and data analysis. They can automate tasks like generating ideas, optimizing content, and analyzing performance. This not only saves time for your marketing team but also helps eliminate creative roadblocks.

Improved Audience Targeting

AI excels in analyzing user behavior, demographics, and interests, leading to better audience targeting. Businesses can use these insights to create content that resonates more with their audience, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

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AI can improve your social media strategy and personalize content to improve ROI.

Better Customer Service

AI-powered chatbots offer around-the-clock customer service, reducing response times and enhancing customer experience. With natural language processing (NLP), these chatbots can provide personalized and meaningful interactions, simulating human conversation and making it easier for customers to get assistance.

Cost Savings

Automating tasks with AI tools for social media can significantly reduce costs in social media marketing. AI tools quickly analyze data and generate insights like keyword research and content ideas, tasks that would take human analysts much longer to complete. 

This reduces the need for manual labor and associated costs. By handling routine tasks, AI allows marketers to focus on creating high-quality content and engaging with their audience, ultimately improving their social media presence.

Top AI Tools for Social Media

Leveraging AI tools for social media marketing can help streamline content creation, improve audience engagement, and provide deep insights into brand performance. 

Let’s take a look at how these tools can help you in achieving these goals and make your social media game stronger.

Best Overall AI Tool for Social Media

These AI tools are designed to simplify and enhance your social media management. However, we also understand that juggling between different AI tools for social media can get overwhelming. 

That’s where your personal social media manager steps in:

  1. Skott

Skott is an AI-powered social media marketer, blogger, and designer who autonomously produces thousands of blogs and posts without human intervention. 

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Skott is an advanced AI tool that automates social media marketing with content creation and multi-channel posting.

Here’s why Skott stands out:

  • Content Creation: Autonomously generates winning content daily for 365 days without any human intervention. 
  • Multi-Channel Posting: Automatically posts on over 20 marketing channels.
  • Real-Time Research: Uses Perplexity, Google News, and more for up-to-date content.
  • Memory and Self-Improvement: Retains user preferences and improves content iteratively.
  • Media-Rich Output: Produces images, videos, and text using multiple LLMs.
  • Extensive Customization: Tailors content to fit specific needs.
  • Data Privacy: Ensures 100% data privacy with local cloud deployment.
  • Enterprise-Grade Automation: Advanced features like Human-in-Loop and Reinforced Learning Human Feedback.
  • Flat Pricing Model: Transparent pricing with unlimited usage.
  • 24/7 Support: Provides continuous enterprise-level support.

For enhanced security, Skott runs locally on your cloud and offers complete data privacy. With a customizable interface and advanced features, Skott aims to be a comprehensive solution for busy social media professionals.

Idea Generation

  1. MarketMuse

MarketMuse revolutionizes content strategy with its AI-powered platform, redefining how content teams optimize for search engines and audience engagement. By offering personalized metrics and topic authority insights, MarketMuse empowers marketers to create comprehensive, high-quality content that resonates with target audiences. 

Its unique features include:

  • In-depth content analysis 
  • AI-driven content optimization
  • Advanced keyword research. 

Ideal for SEO professionals and content marketers, MarketMuse ensures efficient content planning and execution to achieve impactful marketing outcomes.

  1. Ideanote

Ideanote empowers businesses with seamless innovation processes, ensuring every idea fuels growth.

Key features include

  • A unified platform that supports every stage from brainstorming to execution, tailored to fit specific use cases and business needs.
  • Robust security measures ensure a secure workspace.
  • Comprehensive support to foster creativity and impactful ideas.
  • Tools designed to drive remarkable results and success.

Text Creation

  1. ChatGPT

One of the most popular AI tools for social media, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot utilizing natural language processing to simulate human-like conversations and generate diverse content types such as:

  • Articles 
  • Social media posts
  • Essays
  • Code 
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Just five days after its release on November 30, 2022, ChatGPT attracted 1 million users. (Source)

It operates on generative AI principles, allowing users to input prompts and receive AI-generated outputs. Similar to customer service chatbots, ChatGPT responds to queries and refines its responses through reinforcement learning. 

  1. Copy.ai

Copy.ai, an AI-powered writing tool leveraging machine learning, excels in generating diverse content such as blog posts, emails, and social media copy. 

Its key features include:

  • 90+ templates for various content types 
  • Built-in plagiarism checker 
  • Infobase for storing company-specific information. 

Its user-friendly interface and project management tools make it ideal for marketers and content creators seeking efficient content generation solutions.

  1. Jasper

Jasper AI revolutionizes content creation with its AI-powered writing assistant, designed for the effortless generation of high-quality content. 

Tailored for creators, marketers, and businesses, Jasper AI excels in producing diverse content types such as blog posts, product descriptions, and marketing copy. 

Key features include:

  • Customizable brand voice integration
  • Effective product descriptions, 
  • Versatile marketing copy creation, 
  • User-friendly Chrome extension for seamless content generation directly from your browser. 
  1. Anyword

Anyword is also one of the top AI tools for social media that empowers marketing teams with AI-driven copywriting tools to enhance content performance across digital channels. 

Key features include:

  • Analyzing historical data to optimize messaging effectiveness.
  • Generating and ranking multiple content variations using predictive algorithms.
  • Refining brand voice and audience targeting for consistent, high-quality content.
  1. Contenda

Contenda enhances content creation with AI powered by humans. 

Key features include 

  • Accurate content synthesis
  • Curated templates 
  • Voice preservation 
  • Reduced hallucinations 
  • Streamlined workflows
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AI enhances content creation, ensuring tailored, engaging, and data-driven marketing strategies. (Source)

Ideal for drafting marketing posts and Q&A documents, Contenda streamlines ensure content reflects real sources and evidence.

  1. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI content writer crafts SEO-optimized, accurate, and on-brand content. 

Key features include 

  • Personalized brand voice 
  • Comprehensive company knowledge 
  • Factual research 

It supports bulk workflows, integrates with CMS/PIM systems, and enables team collaboration. Along with that, it can also help generate high-ranking blog articles, compelling product descriptions, and engaging social media posts effortlessly. 

Video Creation

  1. Runway

Runway democratizes AI creativity with over 30 tools spanning video, image, and animation generation. Its main features include 

  • Generative video and image tools
  • AI training 
  • Advanced media manipulation capabilities
  1. Tavus

Tavus revolutionizes outreach with 

  • AI-powered, hyper-personalized videos using advanced cloning technology,
  • Template-based platform transforming recorded content into countless customized AI videos with unique voice variables. 
  • Intuitive design system, optimizing user experience from sign-up to video creation, 
  • Seamless functionality and impactful visuals for effective marketing and sales.
  1. Synthesia

Synthesia AI empowers enterprises with 

  • Realistic AI video avatars synced perfectly to generate speech. 
  • It supports over 120 languages and accents, offering personalized video creation for diverse uses like training, marketing, and education. 
  • Scalable and cost-effective, Synthesia requires no extra equipment and provides 36 minutes of free usage.
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Synthesia can help generate realistic avatars for targeted marketing campaigns.(Source)
  1. Hour One

Hour One AI offers a comprehensive platform for creating and managing Gen-AI avatar videos. 

Key features include 

  • Text-to-video generation 
  • Customizable templates, 
  • Hyper-realistic avatars.

It enhances learning and development, boosts communication, and personalizes outreach. The platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring efficient workflows and significant cost savings.

Image Creation

  1. Midjourney

Mid Journey AI is one of the most widely and professionally used AI tools for social media that empowers artists with AI-generated art through advanced machine learning. It innovatively merges technology and creativity to inspire and enhance artistic expression.

The key features include: 

  • Art prompts, suggestions, and complete artwork creation based on user inputs. 
  • Deep neural networks analyze extensive creative data to understand artistic styles, compositions, and concepts. 
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Midjourney’s subreddit hits 1.1 million members by February 2024. (Source)
  1. Stability AI

Stability AI pioneers open-source generative AI models like Stable Diffusion, enabling high-quality image generation from text prompts. 

Their lineup includes: 

  • DeepFloyd IF for complex images
  • StableLM for text generation
  • StableVicuna, a chatbot trained by reinforced learning. 

These models democratize AI accessibility with documentation and open availability for research and development.

Supercharge Your Social Media Game with AI Tools

AI tools for social media are rapidly transforming how we manage and engage with audiences. By integrating these tools into your social media strategy, you can stay ahead of trends, optimize content performance, and build stronger connections with your audience.

Skott by Lyzr acts as your personal marketing manager, seamlessly automating and optimizing content creation across multiple platforms. 

Ready to upgrade your social media game? Book a demo now.

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