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Building a NSE Market Insight with Lyzr Data Analyzr Agent

Automate Email Newsletter using Lyzr Automata

Resume QA BOT using Lyzr QA Bot

Chat With PDF Images Using Lyzr Chat Agent

Interact with YouTube Videos Through Lyzr Chat Agent

Employee-HR Q&A using Lyzr QA Bot

Communicate with Restaurant’s Menu using Lyzr VoiceBot and Chat Agent

Communicate with your Textbooks using Lyzr Chat Agent

Meeting Summarizer using Lyzr Automata

Interact with Wikipedia using Lyzr Chat Agent

Automating Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) with Lyzr Data Analyzr

AI Powered Blog Automation using Lyzr Automata

Text to SQL using Lyzr Formula Generator

Real Estate Navigator: Insights into Real Estate Dataset using Lyzr Data Analyzer

Generate Perfect MCQ Questions with Lyzr Automata

Query to Excel using Lyzr Formula Generator

YouTube Summarizer using Lyzr QA Bot

Website Summarizer using Lyzr Automata

Multifile Analyzer using Lyzr Data Analyzer

Movie Storyboard Generator using Lyzr Automata

Literature Review Assistant using Lyzr QA Bot

Meal Advisor using Lyzr Chat Agent

Effortless Research Paper Summaries using Lyzr Chat Agent

Generating Python Game Code with Lyzr Automata