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Skott vs Writesonic vs Copy AI vs Jasper: Who Wins?

July 1, 2024

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After analyzing over 2,600 businesses worldwide, ‘Think Big with AI: Transforming Small Business Content Marketing’ came up with an in-depth analysis of how small businesses are using AI to create great content. 

Also, Semrush reveals that 52% of businesses plan to try AI video generation, while 53% will explore AI image generation. The uncountable features offered by different AI tools make it overwhelming for the users to choose the right one. 

So, if you’re stuck in a content rut and don’t know which AI tool to choose, this blog breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of each contender to help you pick the perfect AI partner for your needs.  

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A Bar chart depicting the evolution of marketing channels over the last 50 years. (Source)

Writesonic – AI Writing Assistant Tool 

A sophisticated AI-powered writing tool for streamlining the content creation process that utilizes advanced language models like GPT-4. 

Digital marketers, bloggers, and e-commerce business owners prefer Writesonic for creating blogs, ad copies, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. But here’s why tech content marketers don’t prefer it: 

  • Struggles with producing original and creative content, resulting in repetitive and robotic outputs. A major drawback for users looking for unique and engaging content. 
  • For complex, creative, and nuanced topics, it fails to provide consistent quality content. The content generated needs extensive editing to meet the high standards. 
  • Generates content with factual inaccuracies so users need to verify the information to ensure accuracy, specifically for the detailed content pieces. 
  • No human-like API features to eliminate the risk of AI-generated content or plagiarism
  • Though it offers a user-friendly interface, for beginners there are intricate features and settings that you need to master to use the tool. 
  • Do not generate visuals or graphics as required. You’ll have to source them separately which is an extra step in the content creation process. 

Due to all the above reasons, tech content marketers look at it as a complementary tool that can be leveraged for drafting and idea generation only. 

Copy AI – AI-Powered Content Generation Tool 

Majorly known for assisting businesses in generating top-notch quality content quickly, Copy AI uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to create marketing copies, blogs, social media posts, and more. It focuses on streamlining the content creation process to save time and enhance productivity. 

Apart from its uses, here’s why content marketers avoid using this tool:

  • Generates generic and repetitive content that requires additional editing to ensure a creative touch. 
  • The content output lacks a nuanced tone and style, sounds robotic, and looks AI-generated
  • Lacks the expertise to generate content for high-tech topics that require deep subject matter expertise. 
  • Users need to make necessary adjustments to match the brand’s voice and style for a personalized touch. 
  • The interface is non-intuitive, requiring users to fully understand the features. 
  • The design and layout of the interface are not user-friendly for everyone. 
  • Primarily designed for short-form content which limits its usefulness to creating long-form articles, case studies, ebooks, research papers, or reports. 
  • Premium pricing plans are expensive, especially for small businesses and freelancers. 
  • Some advanced features need higher-tier plans that are not accessible to all users
  • No SEO consideration while generating content. 
  • Unable to integrate with third-party tools
  • Does not have the ability to create custom use cases.
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Depicting the difference between different AI tools through a flow chart. (Source)

Jasper – A Writing Assistant and Content Generation AI Tool 

Jarvis aka Jasper boosts productivity for marketers, businesses, and writers by creating content based on user inputs and preferences. With Jasper, you can create content with your voice. Moreover, you have the option of integrating it with Surfer SEO to optimize content beyond interesting keywords. 

Let’s explore why tech content marketers skip using Jasper:

  • Can’t generate long-form content in one go.
  • Expensive as compared to other AI writing assistants. You’ll have to choose the boss mode plan to experience the advanced features of Jasper.
  • To learn more about Jasper’s advanced features and capabilities, users need to spend lots of time and effort
  • Jasper’s fewer integrations with other tools limit its usability within diverse tech stacks
  • Though it has multilingual capabilities, it may not be desired for non-English content creation.

Why Choose Skott Over Writesonic, Jasper, and Copy AI?

Forbes reports that the content marketing industry is expected to reach USD 600 billion in 2024, with AI playing a major role. To fulfill the diverse content marketing needs of the marketing team, you need an autonomous content marketer by your side. That’s where Skott enters the picture!

Skott is a preferred choice of most tech content marketers because it’s the world’s most capable autonomous content marketer, an AI agent who becomes a core member of your team. 

Let’s find out how:

  • Without any human intervention, it runs autonomously for 365 days a year after you’ve set certain parameters.
  • It can automate your routine tasks thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the marketing team. 
  • Ability to generate 72 well-researched blogs and 6,500 social media posts daily which equates to the output of 9 full-time content creators and 10 social media marketers.
  • Saves $500,000 annually for marketing teams who don’t have the time and bandwidth for content creation.
  • 100% private and can be locally deployed as SDK data in your device. This way, data remains with you in your environment. 
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Differentiating and highlighting how Skott is the #1 marketing agent. (Source)
  • The user has complete control of LLMs, prompts, analytics, and data which helps in conducting thorough research for high tech content. 
  • Built on the Lyzr Agent Framework, early users of Skott saw a 43% increase in SEO performance in 90 days.
  • It is a multi-agent system where multiple agents work together to support modern and advanced features like Reinforced Learning Human Feedback and Human-in-Loop.
  • With a HumanLike API, it filters AI content and makes it relatable to the target audience. 
  • It also has toxicity controller filters to eliminate unsuitable language from the content.
  • Powered by Lyzr’s web-crawler technology, Perplexity’s, Google’s, News, and DuckDuckGo, it generates high-quality and catchy content efficiently.
  • Due to its AgentMesh technology features, different AI agents can share information and learn from each other, thus enhancing decision-making capacity via collective intelligence.
  • Repurposing content is a cakewalk with Skott because it helps in repurposing your existing content for different social media platforms with ease.
  • Equipped with advanced features like Lyzr AIMS (AI Management System), it monitors activities, responses, and performance and manages toxicity in communications. 
  • Plays the role of your AI digital marketer, extensively researches new topics, writes SEO-optimized blogs, repurposes blogs, creates 5 social media posts/channels, and publishes blogs and social posts across 20 channels!
  • Unlike other AI tools, you can integrate it into any of your blogging platforms like Medium, and WordPress, and even publish posts on Linkedin, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 
  • No need to worry about using Skott, because it comes with supervised learning for two weeks, is 100% customizable and you only have to pay ONCE. No throttling, only a flat pricing structure. 
  • By using Skott, you save 240 hours in content creation/per month with a 90% reduction in the cost of marketing resources and a 200% increase in inbound leads within 6 months. Furthermore, you can expect a 15x growth in visibility across social media and other search engines.
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A glimpse showing how Skott stands out from the crowd with its unique features. (Source)

In short, Skott can automate your routine tasks thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the marketing team. Plus, it operates consistently to maintain brand presence and engagement. You’ve high-customization options to align with the brand voice and tonality. The best part is that it can be deployed within the user’s environment, thereby ensuring 100% security. 

The good news is that Skott is expected to extend its potential to business analytics, strategic advice, and more to support all your business needs under one umbrella. 

Want to level up your marketing game? Consult our expert team to learn more about Skott!

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