Launching Lyzr 2.0: Unleashing the Next Level of Innovation

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I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Lyzr 2.0, a cutting-edge platform offering enterprise-grade LLM SDKs designed for rapid generative AI application development. This platform is specifically tailored for enterprise companies, but also super useful for SMBs and startups, especially with the additional availability of Lyzr open-source SDKs.

The Pivot: From AI Data Analyst to LLM SDKs

Taking a trip down memory lane, the journey began in April 2023 with the debut of GPT-3.5 and 4 models. This marked a turning point, as it became evident that I could finally create the AI Data Analyst product I had envisioned since early 2022. As a regular Power BI and Excel user, I often wished for a tool to simplify data analysis and provide deeper insights, sparing me the extensive work involved. The advent of GPT technology made this possible.

However, within just five to six months, the landscape transformed dramatically. The development community swiftly embraced this new generative AI technology. Suddenly, an AI Data Analyst product became a basic requirement, akin to a ‘hello world’ in the gen AI realm. It became essential for every company to have such capabilities, along with chatbots and PDF chat functions.

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I was monitoring about six competitors in the AI Data Analyst space, and noticed that nearly all of them have shifted their focus and pivoted. Some claim to have users, but from my experience in attempting to sell this product to enterprises, SMBs, and startups, I’ve learned that while they appreciate the product, they are not fully committing to it.

While we faced challenges in getting customers to understand and purchase our AI Data Analyst product, we didn’t stop innovating. We continued to develop new modules and related products. In retrospect, we realized we had created a substantial amount of standalone code modules. And we actually built in under an hour and launched the product in ProductHunt which went onto get us several thousand visits in just 2 weeks and the recent launch of ended up as #2 product of the day on ProductHunt.

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This led us to an idea: why not help customers build generative AI applications, that could replace their costly SaaS subscriptions, in matter of minutes and on their own cloud of choice? We aimed to add enhanced security and observability, making these solutions more suitable for enterprise customers who are eager to harness generative AI for their teams. This was the genesis of Lyzr 2.0.

Simplifying GenAI App Development

Lyzr AI now comprises a suite of highly abstracted LLM SDKs, tailored for rapid generative AI application development, with a focus on enterprise needs. While primarily designed for enterprise users, startups and SMBs can also benefit from our platform. Our approach ensures that by catering to enterprise standards—like enhanced security, observability, control, and integrated AI data lakes—we inherently meet the needs of a broader audience.

An exciting aspect of our platform is the parallel development of open source versions of these enterprise SDKs. These open-source SDKs are built with default choices of vector databases (LanceDB) and LLM (OpenAI), and are perfect for Python programmers who wish to modify and enhance them. We encourage and welcome contributions to these SDKs. They are developed on top of renowned open-source models such as LlamaIndex, Langchain, Haystack, and more, including several home grown modules of Lyzr.

For instance, consider the following Lyzr SDK. 

from lyzr import QABot

# Initialize the QABot with PDF files

qa_bot = QABot.pdf_qa(input_files="path/to/file")

# Ask a question

response = qa_bot.query("What is Lyzr AI?")

These 2 lines of code is all what you need to a PDF chat application. Similarly, developing a customer support chatbot or a Generative AI application for data analysis or other popular usecases are just a few lines of code away.

See the complete list of launched and planned SDKs here –

The Enterprise Focus

Despite the existence of outstanding GenAI applications and data platforms like Langchain and Llamaindex, we have a unique focus. I’ve spent the last decade assisting enterprise businesses in solving their problems, working closely with CEOs, CIOs, and other leaders in both business and technology sectors. My strength has always been in understanding customer needs, listening attentively, and finding tailored solutions. With my renewed involvement in coding and a deeper technological understanding of everything from Transformers to Diffusion Models, I believe I can now serve my customers even more effectively. This introspection led me to focus primarily on enterprise customers, leveraging my impact-oriented thinking and problem-solving skills.

Now, with Lyzr AI, CIOs can deploy GenAI apps securely within their cloud environments, selecting their preferred LLMs and vector databases. This approach ensures data remains within their ecosystem, offering comprehensive control over the applications.

Our platform allows centralized management of these applications, high-level observability, and detailed log management. It empowers AI controllers to understand usage patterns and manage queries effectively. For example, a global CIO could swiftly launch a procurement chatbot for a team in Brazil using Lyzr SDKs and our lightweight, customizable micro front-ends, which we offer for free, in matter of minutes and without the need to buy a 3rd party SaaS application. These micro-apps, known as Lyzr micro-apps, come with SSO integration, CM templates, allowing rapid deployment. This is the core philosophy behind Lyzr 2.0 – delivering powerful, secure, and feature-rich custom self-hosted generative AI tools to enterprises, in minutes.

Lyzr Enterprise Hub Screenshot

Learn more about Lyzr Enterprise Hub here –

Lyzr Partner Program

Reflecting on my decade-long experience, we aim to expand the generative AI ecosystem through partnerships. My experience with Powerupcloud as an early AWS partner taught me the impact such collaborations can have. AWS not only supported our growth but also helped us create opportunities for many others.

We aspire to replicate this success by launching the Lyzr Partner Program, aiming to onboard about 100 partners in the next year from application development, data engineering, infrastructure management, and cloud services domains. Our focus is on assisting these partners in building thriving generative AI practices, help their customers with cutting-edge Generative AI solutions and become an AI first company. We are, in a way, helping them become a future proof technology services company.


Apply to Lyzr Partner Program today –

Building the low-code GenAI community

In addition to this, our second initiative is about community building. Today, we’re launching a community for those interested in coding and creating generative AI tools. Lyzr is designed as a low-code platform, making it accessible even to those with no coding background. We offer a learning path enabling anyone to build their own little GenAI app in less than a week, or even in a matter of hours, depending on their dedication.

This initiative is our way of giving back, creating a space for both coders and more so, specially to non-coders to embark on their coding journey and develop their generative AI applications. We’re excited to welcome more individuals into the world of coding, sharing the joy and fulfillment I’ve found in this field.

To Conclude

As we embark on this new chapter, we’re ushering in the next wave of development platforms tailored for enterprise businesses. Our excitement is palpable as we dedicate ourselves to assisting more enterprises in adopting and integrating Gen AI. Our goal is to expedite the development of Gen AI solutions, thereby enhancing productivity for their employees.

A key aspect of our mission is to make Gen AI more inclusive. We aim to broaden the community involved in Gen AI development by offering low-code, highly abstracted development platforms. These platforms are designed to be accessible and user-friendly, lowering the barrier to entry in the world of Gen AI. By doing this, we hope to empower a diverse range of individuals to contribute to the evolution of generative AI, fostering innovation and growth in this exciting field.

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