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Lyzr, the firm behind the agent framework that helps you build AI agents and LLM applications in an ‘agentic’ way, has launched a revolutionary new AI Agent that is poised to transform the world of sales development. Meet Jazon, the AI-powered Sales Development Representative (SDR) that delivers the productivity of 100 human sales personnel at just 0.6% of the cost.

Jazon represents a quantum leap forward in sales automation. This autonomous AI agent acts as a tireless, ultra-efficient SDR, capable of doing extensive market research to identify prospects, learn about their needs, craft hyper-personalized emails, and engage in authentic human-like conversation. By analyzing vast amounts of data and learning from every interaction, Jazon continuously optimizes its outreach approach to maximize customer conversion.

What sets Jazon apart is its proprietary “AgentMesh” technology built by Lyzr’s AI research engineers. Below the hood, Jazon is powered by multiple specialized AI agents that exchange intelligence among themselves to automate the sales development process from end to end. From intelligent lead generation to relentless yet empathetic follow-up, Jazon tirelessly pursues its singular goal – booking more qualified meetings for the organization.

Jazon is also the world’s first ‘downloadable’ AI SDR. Jazon runs locally on the organization’s cloud server ensuring 100% data privacy of their customer data and compliance with all leading security frameworks like SOC2, GDPR and more.

“With Jazon, we wanted to show the world what’s possible to build on Lyzr Agent Framework,” said Lyzr’s CEO Siva Surendira. “With Lyzr’s highly-capable and customizable agents, you can build and deploy more AI workers for your organization, including AI Business Analyst, AI Blogger, AI Strategy Consultant, AI Data Scientist, AI Social Media Manager. With Lyzr’s proprietary AgentMesh technology, all these AI agents learn from one another and get smarter by the day”.

Industry observers predict Jazon will be a game-changer, enabling companies to drastically reduce their sales development costs while massively accelerating pipeline generation. As the world’s first ‘downloadable’ AI SDR built on Lyzr’s cutting-edge agent framework, Jazon has fired the opening shot in what is sure to be a sales automation revolution.

Head to Jazon (https://www.lyzr.ai/jazon/) to learn more about Jazon and see a live demo of how Jazon automates the SDR process.

You can also book a demo with the Lyzr Founding team to discuss more AI Agent use cases – https://www.lyzr.ai/book-demo/.

About Lyzr

Lyzr is the simplest agent framework for building AI Agents and LLM applications. Considered the enterprise alternative to the more complex LangChain framework, Lyzr was the first agent framework to introduce ‘agentic’ way of building LLM applications. While platforms like LangChain focuses on general purpose LLM app development, Lyzr focuses on improving the agent architecture. Lyzr’s research work includes ‘AgentMesh’, ‘Mixture of Expert Agents’, ‘Hold and Pass’ Agent Communication Protocol and more.

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Access to all Lyzr products and playground – https://studio.lyzr.ai/

Know more about Lyzr research projects – https://www.lyzr.ai/research-projects/

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